Four Beautiful Young Ladies + Four Bicycles + One Really Important Cause


At 00:30 am on Sunday June 10th, whilst most of us will be sleeping – although I can imagine more than a few of you will still be partying – four beautiful young ladies will be setting off on a 100 kilometer cycle ride around London.

Mad or what?

Actually, it’s “what” They are hoping to raise the modest sum of £1000 for a cause very close to my heart – Cancer Relief.

We have all witnessed either someone close to us in our own family, or within a family that we know, being ravaged by this most vicious and unforgiving of illnesses, and experienced that feeling of utter helplessness – if only we could have done more …

Well we can. We can fight back. We can also give our support to organizations like Marie Curie, who are providing such incredible support for cancer sufferers around the world.

The beautiful young ladies?

Meet Sophie Hixson, Caroline Parker, Helen Large and Alice Farrington – four individuals who care very much and so they are doing something worthwhile.

Will you support them?

Please give whatever you can …£1, $1 even, it doesn’t matter how much we can afford, what does matter is that we care, just like Sophie, Caroline, Helen and Alice.

You can donate here:

And if you wish to send them a good luck message, please email me at and I will pass your best wishes on to them.

Again, please 

Thank you!


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